Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plate 2.7/3.5

The DePuy Synthes Vet Pancarpal Arthrodesis Plate 2.7/3.5 is intended for the treatment of hyperextension injuries of the carpal joint in skeletally mature dogs, weighing 20–40 kg. It features six 3.5 mm LCP COMBI® holes proximally and five 2.7 mm LCP COMBI holes distally. The LCP COMBI holes accept either cortex or locking screws.

Pancarpal Hero

Features & Benefits

  • Plate thickness

    Proximal and distal tapering of plate thickness is designed to improve soft tissue coverage and reduce stiffness at the ends of plate.

    The center hole accepts a 3.5 mm cortex screw and  allows up to 25° of proximal angulation.

  • Spacing

    Increased spacing between the most distal hole and the end of the plate is designed to reduce bone stress.

  • Screw Head

    The tapered, double-lead machine thread on the head of the locking screw engages the threads of the locking plate holes. The resulting fixed-angle construct provides stable fixation of the bone fragments without having to compress the plate to the bone. A perfectly contoured plate is therefore not required to achieve fixation and maintain proper alignment.

  • Thread Profile

    Because locking screws do not compress the plate to the bone, the “pull-out” mode of failure is not applicable to locking screws. For this reason, locking screws are made with a smaller thread profile and a larger core diameter.

  • Drive Mechanism

    The Stardrive® Recess of a locking screw provides three significant improvements over an internal hex drive. First, “stripping” of the screw head is minimized as a failure mode. Second, the tapered Stardrive Recess provides automatic screw retention without the need for an additional screw holding mechanism. Third, the more efficient Stardrive Recess allows a smaller screw head and allows the screw head to sit flush with the plate.

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